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Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug is a federal subject of Russia. Its administrative center is the town of Salekhard, and its largest city is Noyabrsk.

Yamalo-Nenetsky Avtonomny Okrug is traversed by the northeasterly line of equal latitude and longitude. The Ob River flows through Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, through the Gulf of Ob to the Kara Sea.

The Yamal-Nenets autonomous district is located in the Arctic zone of the West Siberian Plain, in the center of Russia’s Far North. It has an area of 769250 square kilometers, or several times as much as an average West-European country.

The northernmost point of the continental part of the Yamal is situated at 73°30’N and 800 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, which is completely consonant with its Nenets name of the Peninsula – the End of the Earth.

geograf_2Yamal-Nenets autonomous district lies north of the Arctic Circle. The northern boundary of the district is washed by the Kara Sea and is a part of the Russian Federation state border (about 900 kilometers). In the west, the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district is contiguous to the Nenets autonomous district and the Republic of Komi along the Urals Ridge; in the south – to the Khanty-Mansy autonomous district and in the east – to Krasnoyarsk Region. The distance between the district capital and Moscow is 2436 km.


The area of the district is located in three climatic zones: Arctic, Sub-Arctic and the zone of the northern (taiga) belt of the West Siberian Plain. The climate is continental, determined by the presence of permafrost, proximity of the Arctic Ocean and abundance of bays, rivers, lakes and swamps. The district is featured with long (up to 8 months) winter and short (50 days in average) summer, strong winds and low snow depth.


An average annual temperature of air is -10°C. The minimum winter temperature is down to -57°C, in summer July temperature can increase up to +30°С. Throughout the area, however, the soil thaws out only for 40-50 centimeters. There are frequent magnetic storms, which are accompanied by the Northern Lights.


The district is washed by the Kara Sea and includes the Yamal, Taz and Gyda Peninsulas and Beliy, Oleniy and Shokalsky Islands, etc. The main rivers are the Ob, Taz, Pur, Nadym, Yurybey, Messoyakha, etc. There are many lakes in the district; the largest are Yorroto, Neito and Yambuto. Tundra and forest tundra occupy three-fifths of the district; sphagnum bogs are widespread. Forests of Siberian larch, spruce, and nut pine occur in the south, primarily along river banks.


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