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belka   Squirrel / Белка / Таряв.
  Its length is 20—31 sm. It climbs and moves in trees very well.               Squirrels  are fur – bearing animals in Russia They eat seeds, pine nuts,   leaves, mushrooms, berries and insects. They carry their babies for 35     - 40 days. They have a dung of 5 babies. There are about 100 thousand   squirrels in our district. 



 burunduk Chipmunk / Бурундук / Пиншук.
 Its body is about 14 sm long, its tail is 9 sm. Chipmunks sleep in winter.   Once a year (rarely 2) a female chipmunk gives birth to 4-10 babies. It is   a fur – bearing animal. It has black stripes along the back . It climbs the   trees very well, nevertheless it prefers to live on the ground as all   squirrels. The chipmunk is active in the afternoon. Chipmunks like to eat   seeds, fruit,  insects and make supplies. 



 leming Lemming / Лемминг.
 Lemmings are 10-15 sm long. Their weight is 45 - 130 gramms.   Lemming eats plants and can eat twice of their mass a day. They are   red   or yellow. They have a dark stripe on the back. Lemmings have 2-   13 babies every three months. The lemming is a pedlar of different   illnesses. Lemmings are the basic food for Polar Foxes.  



 gornostai Ermine / Горностай / Пиддя.
 The ermine is 17—32 sm long. It has 3-18 babies in April or May. The   ermine eats about 50 gramms of food a day. The food includes small   birds, fish, and small rodents. Its fur is very expensive. It sleeps in the   afternoon and hunts at night. The ermine is a useful small animal, it kills   numerous rodents. 



 pesets Polar Fox / Песец / Нохо.
Polar Foxes are 50-75 sm long. The average mass of the body of a male is 3,5 - 9 kg. It changes the color of fur 2 times a year. Its fur is very expensive. We know two kinds of polar foxes: white foxes and blue foxes. Polar Foxes eat small rodents, especially lemmings, and birds.They have 7-12 or more cubs, sometimes till 22. Mother feeds them with its milk for about 40 days. 


 lisa Fox / Лисица / Чоня.
The fox is 40—90 sm long. It is red, silvery-brown or almost black. It has 4—6, sometimes 17 cubs. The fur of silvery-brown fox is especially expensive. Foxes regulate number of rodents. Foxes live everywhere in our district. They eat birds, hares and other animals. Sometimes they eat insects and plants but the basic food is mice - rodents. 



 zayats White Hare / Заяц – Беляк / Нява.
The white hare is 45-75 sm long, its mass is 2,5-5,5 kg. Its ears are short. It changes its colour two times a year. Hares live in woods and tundra. It gives birth to 1-10 babies 3—4 times a year. It is a fur-bearing animal. The white hare is a typical northern animal surviving in a severe climate. In spring and in summer it eats green parts of the plants. Hares live in nature for 7-17 years.




 rosomaha Glutton / Росомаха / Винкни.
  An adult glutton is about the size of a medium height dog. It is 65–87sm   long, and its weight is 10–25 kg. Gluttons have thick, dark, shine fur. It   has 2-4 cubs. Gluttons eat everything but like hares, birds and mice.   The   glutton is a unique animal. It looks like a brown bear. It swims,     climbs   the   trees very well. Its nickname is a – corpse-hunter. 

 olen Reindeer / Северный Олень / Илебць.
It eats grass, leaves, barks of bushes and trees, mushrooms, berries. A female gives birth to 1-3 babies in spring. Reindeer live for 21 - 30 years. Reindeer farming is developed in the Yamal - Nenetsk national district. Reindeers are the main source of meat, skin, and fur. The reindeer is a transport for people. It is an endangered animal. 



 bur medved Brown Bear / Бурый Медведь / Аппчъй.
It is very smart. It eats mainly plants, sometimes kills big animals. It sleeps in winter. The length is 80 - 140 sm. Its mass is 80 - 600 kg. The bear`s fur is rather tough, thick, magnificent. The skin is very expensive. Bear cubs appear in a warm den, when the weather is frosty. The brown bear has 1or 4 cubs but in general two. 


 bely medv Polar Bear / Белый Медведь / Хыл Аппчъй.
It is 2-2,5 m long and its weight is 800 kg. Its fur is white sometimes grey. Bear cubs (I-3) are born once in two years in December — January. The polar bear eats seals, lemmings, eggs of birds, berries and mushrooms. The polar bear lives about 30 years. Polar bears are killed only for their fur and meat. The polar bear is in the Red Book.




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