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What professions are needed in Yamal?

This issue recently set more and more people. That is why today we are going to deal with this issue. There are many occupations in demand as the northern territories, and persons assimilated to them. After all, there is a range of benefits and privileges, which attracts and attract to themselves and the people of Russia, the CIS, and nearby countries.

profes_2We live in Yamal. It is a native place for us. Yamal occupies a great territory in the North of Western Siberia. Yamalo-Nenetz Autonomous Area covers the area of 750 000 sq. km, which exceeds 1,5 times the territory of such European state as France. About 50 per cent of the area territory is located beyond the Polar Circle. Yamal is one of the most exotic place in the world and its excellent northern nature, its entrails wealth should attract lots of tourists from all over the world.
profes_3The Yamal is still dominated by demand for working profession. The most demanded professions for the Arctic today are skippers, electricians, doctors and it professionals. The Arctic today needs in all, any professions. Today the Arctic need qualified specialists not only in such priority occupations like oil operator, Machinist underground installations, driller-skipper, but in the professions aimed at the preservation of the culture of the peoples The Far North. Among them are nomadic and traveller teacher, specialist in national sports, specialist of carving in ivory and wood, fish handler and others.

Constantly needed as industrial objects and conventional homes. At all times need roads. Practically will not meet difficulties in finding the driver that has a category B, C, D, e. and his average salary will depend on experience, seniority, work area. Here most often will need a profession involved in mining. It is oil and gas, gold, silver, diamonds and other minerals. Demand creates supply. And while it is necessary to use all kinds of minerals, will demand for their production. Cannot do without professions such as geologists, engineers of various special equipment, mechanics of drilling rigs, engineers of different fields. And it is natural for the fact that where all possible work shift, employees will be required.

Everybody should eat-chefs are therefore necessary. To live in a clean and tidy will always need maids, janitors, commandants. The same demand profession storekeeper, lumberman. The salary of any of the employees, as usual, will depend on the kind and volume of performed duties, seniority, work in the region.

profes_5According to the Department of employment of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the most demanded professions, Yamal are: professions that require primary and secondary special education professional: concrete worker, driver (category VSDE), kindergarten teacher, mason, painter, machinist bulldozer, machinist rig, machinist of the hoisting crane, machinist copra, nurse; the assembler on installation of steel and Ferro-concrete designs; the assembler of technological equipment and related structures; the assembler of technological pipelines: facing worker, carpentr, cook, the seller; locksmith on instrumentation and automation: the mechanic on car repairs; locksmith to repair of technological equipment: plumber, slinger, turner, plasterer, electric welder, electrician.

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