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population_1Representatives of many peoples inhabiting Russia and the CIS countries live in the Yamal-Nenets autonomous region. Almost 60% of the total number of the population falls on Russia, Ukrainians make up 17%, and the third largest population is the Tatars-5%. There are also Belarusians, Bashkirs, Komi, Moldovans, Gagauzians, Chuvash, Azerbaijanis, Germans, Mordvins, Chechens, Poles, Uzbeks and many others. 
population_2In the pre-war period, more than half of the population was made up of indigenous people. Now they account for only about 6% of its total number.The main people in this group are the Nenets who gave the name to the district.Nenets live throughout the territory of the district - from the coast of the Arctic Ocean to its southern outskirts.
Nenets live mainly in rural areas and only a small part of them moved to cities.
population_4The second largest indigenous people in the region are Khanty. They live mainly in the both parts of the Shuryshkar and Urals regions where their main commercial areas are concentrated.
The third largest in the number of indigenous people are the Selkups. They live compactly in the middle and upper reaches of the river Taz, where dense taiga grows on the hills.
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