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brusnika2 Cowberry is an evergreen shrub from 8 to 15 cm in height. The length of leaves is 0.5-3 cm. The berries are up to 8 mm in diameter. It grows throughout the forest and tundra zones, in dry and wet forests, peat bogs and alpine meadows.







golubika is a short shrub with a height of 10-50 cm. Leaves fall for the winter. The berries are bluish-black or just black because of the wax coating. It grows in the northern regions in pine forests and swamps. The juice of the berries is of a distinctive color, it makes your hands and tongue blue.









         Blueberry is a branchy shrub up to 1 m high. Leaves fall for the winter. In contrast to blackberries, the stem is woody almost up to the top. The berries are bluish-blue in color. Large berries are pear-shaped. The blueberry juice is colorless. It grows in the Northern regions with a temperate and cold climate. A bush can live up to a hundred years.chernika

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